A cocktail party hosted by e-gold, the premier Internet money group.

24th February 1999. 1800 onwards for food. Music at 1900 - 2030.


All food is island-style.

Heather from the Roti Hut

Heather's food is warm, rather than hot, and spicy.

Carl Carty's BBQ

Carl's chicken and ribs BBQ is similar to Rafi's (of last year).


Crypto-mansion to Breakers

From 3:30pm to 5:30, Vince will lead a bush bash to the beach. Wear long trousers ("pants" to the Americans...) and good shoes. Machetes indicated.

Much fun had in avoiding the mad bull, escaping the blood-sucking vampires in the secret cave, slipping throught the forest of cacti, scaling the cliffs, running from the angry hornets, crossing the swamp, avoiding the quicksand, and swimming in the sea, all whilst being back for supper.


Bankie Banx from the Dune Preserve will play a set from 1900 to 2030.

Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition by Jo-Anne Mason of Seven Days on Anguilla fame.


Bandminton and possibly Croquet?


Users of e-gold drink gold rum from Anguilla Rums. There are three labels: There will be a liberal supply of this available for purchase, and we should be able to sacrifice a bottle for tasting purposes.


From the InterIsland

From the InterIsland, coming out under their arch, turn left.

Follow the road past Short Curve (a quick left then right) and to the circle. At the circle, take the right exit (the left takes you down to Sandy Ground).

Go downhill then uphill to traffic lights (that are not currently working), and turn left at these traffic lights.

Travel about 200m up the rise, and you'll find the large lawn, with big white house set back. Drive through the gates onto the lawn and park down the bottom, close to the fence.

On the Map

Look at F8 on the map, and identify the 3 short tracks going up to the Governor's Residence.

Take the track in the middle, at the traffic lights. The house is located about 200 metres up that track, on the right hand side. Look for the *large* lawn, with big white house set back. Turn right into garden, parking down below.

If you reach the Governor's Residence, you've gone too far.

Take the short track on the right. The house is located at the end of that track (adjacent to the centre track). To get to our places, you go right onto an unmarked dirt track, from the end of the right track. Travel 100m and then left 50m, and you are there.